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Series 8000

Pressure and Level Transmitters for all industries

The Series 8000 is a complete line of “All Stainless Steel“ pressure and level transmitters for all industrial applications.
The compact and robust stainless steel housing is ideal for hygienic applications but also for harsh aggressive ambient conditions.

The transmitters are fully temperature compensated. The Series 8000-SAN are both CIP and SIP cleanable and they fully meet the needs of the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and pulp & paper industries. Both series 8000 and 8000-SAN are equipped with very strong flush mounted diaphragms.

In order to be fully compatible with the process they are monitoring, all series 8000 units offer a wide range of process connections and a choice of wetted parts materials. All versions enjoy ATEX EX approval for Intrinsic safe applications


Series 8000
The series 8000 pressure transmitter has been specially designed for measuring pressure in pulp- and paper mills and similar industries where plugging is a problem. The transmitters are fully temperature compensated, and have very strong, flush mounted diaphragms. Zero and span are internally adjustable over wide ranges. The series 8000 with G1” process connection are frequently used for Pressure applications in the shipbuilding industry. Various Marine Type Approvals are available.

Series 8000-SAN
The 8000-SAN series are designed for all pressure and level applications in the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical
industries. All hygienic process connections are available, most of them are EHEDG or 3-A certified. The transmitters are fully temperature compensated and have very strong flush mounted diaphragms. They are both CIP and SIP cleanable. Zero and span are internally adjustable over wide ranges.

Series CER-8000 - Peramic
The ’Peramic , series CER-8000, is a ’all stainless’ pressure transmitter based on a ceramic measuring cell. The CER-8000 is fully temperature compensated and is made for all pressure applications in clean liquids, gases and vapours. The ceramic measuring cell can withstand high overpressures and is sealed by an o-ring (viton as standard, other materials on request). Zero and span are internally adjustable over wide ranges.

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e-Series 8000 Data Sheet v1.0
PDF - File Size: (1590kb)


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