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Primary Crusher (Gyratory) Surge Bin below the Mantle


Application Conditions: High Dust Levels, high moisture levels from dust suppression water sprays, ore varies from lump to fines, high build-up on instruments.

Level Technology choice: In the past, the backup level high, high switch was normally a tilt switch. They are inexpensive to purchase. The problems with the tilt switch are,

1. They suffer from build-up problems and will not tilt when required.
2. They are not failsafe when they fail.
3. They cannot be remote tested and are very difficult to get at for routine maintenance.
4. They must be installed in a passive part of the surge bin, out of the way of incoming ore flow and flying rocks.

A better choice would be a non contact, self cleaning, remote testing, and low frequency Acoustic switch. See attached application sheet that shows the 15 kHz transducer mounted under the mantle. The 15 kHz transducer will not interfere with the continuous level transmitters. It has two relay outputs that can be programmed for two heights, or one can be a failsafe relay. It can also be operated on a two wire Comms network (Foundation FieldBus, ProfiBus PA etc). It can be remote tested by a PLC to test for continuity, which is of paramount importance. If the ore body has sticky residues and clay deposits, etc this is the best option for high, high switch backup. Use a polyurethane rubber focalizer cone to reduce breakage from flying rock.

Application References:

Gyratory Crusher


Sultan - Non Contact Level Measurement

The SULTAN is a non intrusive Acoustic Wave level measurement transmitter with flexibility used for measuring liquids and solids. Remote, Integral & SMART units available. Can operate as a 2, 3 or 4 wire system.


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