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Application Conditions: High suspended solids, water settling out, foam, froth, build-up on transducer.

Level Technology Choice: Sonar Technology, Electromechanical Turbidity, Pressure Transmitter, Rake Torque. The electromechanical system uses a turbidity transmitter that is raised and lowered on a time base. They are subject to high maintenance wear and tear and have problems with scaling build-up. The cables will need replacing periodically. High cost is another problem.

Pressure transmitters and Rake torque transmitters are subject to major error due to density change in the Ore being processed. These transmitters can only be used for monitoring only.

The sonar bed level transmitter is calibrated to monitor and track a specific density in the Thickener. No further calibration is required. Automatic scum cleaning is standard. The cleaning mechanism is guaranteed for 5 years.

Because of the high suspended solids, we must use a very high powered sonar transducer.

An additional froth/foam transmitter can also be offered to control a defoaming system.

Application References:

Monitoring Dense Bed Level in Concentrate Thickener


ORCA Bed Level System

The ORCA Sonar series will measure up to two density interfaces simultaneously, either bed level or RAS blanket and floc/fluff layer or clarity of water, using the new ORCA Sonar hardware.


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